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Terms and Conditions

25/07/2018 by ignacio

“We, 7mallorca, will act for you to the best of our knowledge – we want your summer holiday in Majorca to be nice, relaxing and unforgettable. And we always put our heart into it. Our general terms and conditions are transparent and clear, but not rigid. Please let us know if you have any questions.“

General Terms and Conditions

Booking is subject to the General Terms and Conditions. The rental properties offered by 7mallorca exclusively constitute a service to provide third-party goods and services between the applicant, hereinafter called the tenant, the travelling companions and the respective owner, landlord or administrator of the rental property.
The rented houses are destined for private use. In case you would like to use the houses for a commercial activity, e.g. as a location for movie or photo shootings, weddings or other type of events, please ask us if this is possible.

In order to avoid “bottlenecks”, please inform the “7mallorca” team if during the planning of your holiday there are any changes of the expected number of people/travellers. The maximum number of people, of course, is stated on the notice of receipt of your reservation.

1. Reservation and Booking

Once we have received your booking request by e-mail, we confirm the availability of the holiday house. After that, and in order to book the house for you, we will send you a confirmation of your order and a request to make the down payment. If we receive the signed order confirmation (by fax or e-mail) and the transfer voucher of your down payment in a term of three days, the reservation of your holiday house becomes effective.

A booking always requires a written declaration of intent of the tenant (by e-mail or fax: +34 871 988 409). It will be confirmed by 7mallorca by e-mail or fax and is thus binding. The booking will be made in the name of the service providers, i.e. the owner, land lord or administrator. It is valid for the declared period and the declared number of people and pets. Unless otherwise agreed, the rental period of the holiday house starts at 4:00 pm on the day of arrival and ends at 10:00 am on the day of departure, when the house has to be cleared.

“If the rental period does not exactly match your travel dates and time, then we will find a solution for you. We will not leave anyone out in the rain…

2. Liability

The advertisements of the rental properties were made to the best of our knowledge and according to the data provided by the owner or administrator. 7mallorca is not liable for impacts of force majeure, such as strike, war, earthquake, local power or water breakdown, thunderstorm, construction work nearby the rental property or other events that cannot be foreseen at the moment of booking. Furthermore, we cannot assume any liability for the failure-free operation of the electrical devices and of other equipment such as heating, air conditioning, lifts, swimming pools etc. In case the tenant detects any defects during his stay, he has to inform the administrator or the local contact person immediately. In this case please be aware that a certain period of time has to be allowed for the repair of the defect. After this, any possible claims have to be clarified on site with the local contact person. 7mallorca assumes no liability in this respect.

The furniture and equipment described and shown on the pictures and in the detailed descriptions of the rental properties may vary slightly. If the rental property cannot be used due to force majeure, 7mallorca is authorized to provide a comparable alternative accommodation in the same or a higher price range and geographical region. If the tenant does not accept this alternative, he shall loose the effected down payment and submit to the terms of cancellation.

The use of the rented property, including all outdoor equipments and facilities, is the client’s own responsibility. Neither the owner nor 7mallorca are liable for accidents. The tenant is responsible for cash, personal articles and objects of value that he has brought along. Neither the owner nor 7mallorca are liable for theft or burglary. Any claims for damages of the tenant have to be addressed to the respective owner. Any other complaints regarding the rental property and claims for compensation must be made without delay in written form and addressed to the owner or 7mallorca.

3. Damages

The tenant has to handle the rental property and the furniture and equipment with care. He shall inform the owner or 7mallorca about any damages that he detects during his stay. The tenant is personally liable for the damages that he causes. The tenant is requested to check the inventory of the rental property (furniture and equipment) upon arrival and to inform the owner or 7mallorca about defects within a term of 24 hours, so that the defects can be repaired.

No pets are allowed without prior consent of 7mallorca. The tenant is liable to the owner/administrator of the holiday home and 7mallorca for any damages caused by the pet.

“Don’t worry, it can always happen that something gets broken. We will find a remedy as soon as possible.“

4. Right of Withdrawal

The withdrawal from the agreement by the tenant has to be made in written form (by e-mail or fax). The following cancellation fees will be charged:

Cancellation up to 90 days prior to the rental period: 30 % of the rental price
Cancellation between 89 and 60 days prior to the rental period: 50 % of the rental price
Cancellation between 59 and 30 days prior to the rental period: 80 % of the rental price
For cancellations less than 30 days prior to the rental period the full price will be charged.

The date of the reception of the letter / fax / e-mail at 7mallorca is decisive for the calculation of the cancellation fees.
If an acceptable substitute is found or if the property can be re-rented by the organizer, no cancellation fees will be charged for the period of the re-renting.

5. Right of Withdrawal – 7mallorca

7mallorca can cancel the agreement without previous notice:
a. If the tenant or a travel companion causes wilfully damages to the rental property.
b. If the tenant or a travel companion does not observe possibly existing house rules and bothers or puts other people at risk.
c. If the tenant does not pay the remaining balance of the rental price as agreed.

6. Additional Services

Holiday rentals are the only service offered by 7mallorca. All other services such as cleaning or maintenance works, dry cleaning, catering etc. must be booked separately by the tenant.

7. Final Provisions

a) Choice of law – The contractual relationship between 7mallorca and the client, as well as the contractual relationship between the client and the owner/administrator of the holiday home, shall be governed by the laws of Spain.
b) Jurisdiction – All disputes arising under the above described brokerage contract shall be settled exclusively by the courts of Palma de Mallorca.

Edition: May 2022
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